The Untamed Womxn Retreat

YOU are a beautiful soul. You are too loud to be silenced. Too wild to be tamed. An enigma. A revolution. That is what you are. Your beauty is inside and out. And when the going gets tough you push through like a goddess warrior. You carry the weight of it all. You take care of everyone you love with so much love and compassion. You have everyone's back. 

BUT who's got yours? Especially when things are hard and you are too tired to keep going? Or the weight of it all is too heavy to carry all by yourself.? Or when you desperately need to be showered with attention and love? Or when your dreams and desires feel too distant to reach?

Guess what? I DO!  My art is not creating melodic music, masterpieces to hang on your wall or sit on your mantel. My art is weaving words that soothe your soul, I am the caretaker of my soulsisters, uplifter of healing, empowerer of self-love, and motivator of freedom. And I know that in the collective, together we rise and together we learn to be our own healers. 

For the past 3 years the Universe/Spirit my has called me to move away from the one on one and into a collective space where I can support soulsisters (like you) and their healing, self-love, evolvement and empowerment. And in every corner that I turned I saw the signs, and in every place I went I heard the call and I gave in wholeheartedly and fully committed to giving birth to this call. I committed with all that I am and I will tend to it, care for it and build it as a platform that breathes life into you. 

That is why I created the Untamed Womxn Retreat is a weekend transformational retreat where you go into a deeper and restorative immersion. In this retreat

  • I will teach you how to break down the walls that have been built to hold you back.
  • You receive guidance.
  • You gather, bond and rise together.
  • You learn to cultivate and be your own healer.
  • You bask in self-care and radical self-love.
  • You are empowered to evolve.
  • You awaken your purpose.
  • You will create tangible and actionable steps to move into a place where you are manifesting what you desire in your personal and professional life.
  • You are held and celebrated

May 2020 will be our first Untamed Womxn Retreat. This retreat will take place from Friday-Sunday where we will dive into...

  • Soul work to identify the walls that have been built to hold you back. I do this through journaling challenges, helping you create action plans and in a sacred circle that creates a safe space to share, get answers and bond with womxn on a similar journey to you.
  • Transformational and tangible teachings to free yourself from fear and begin stepping into your purpose and your hearts desires.
  • Advocacy where I bring awareness on the topics that are important to you as a womxn and the techniques to  empower you to advocate for yourself and your desires.
  • Spiritual and mindful practices to strengthen your spiritual growth through meditation and prayer.
  • Alternative and Plant Medicine to activate healing through an explorative session into Reiki self-healing and the use of CBD and Essential Oils blends to combat the symptons of anxiety, stress and burn-out.
  • Rituals to awaken radical self-care and self-love and how to use them for manifesting.
  • Embodiment/dance/movement session to awaken the divine feminine.
  • Ceremonies such as a Sacred Bowl Ceremony as an additional way to cultivate and manifest your desires, solidify your intentions, and bond as a collective of womxn and in sisterhood in this sacred celebration.

The weekend retreat will include lodging accommodations and breakfast and lunch on Satuday and Sunday.