The Untamed Womxn Class

YOU are a beautiful soul. You are too loud to be silenced. Too wild to be tamed. An enigma. A revolution. That is what you are. Your beauty is inside and out. And when the going gets tough you push through like a goddess warrior. 

And my art is not creating melodic music, masterpieces to hang on your wall or sit on your mantel. My art is being the caretaker of my soulsisters, uplifter of healing, empowerer of self-love, and motivator of freedom. And I know that in the collective, together we rise and we learn to be our own healers. 

For the past 3 years the Universe/Spirit my has called me to move away from the one on one and into a collective space where we gather. I wholeheartedly and fully committed to giving birth to this call. I committed with all that I am and I will tend to it, care for it and build it as a platform that breathes life into you. 

That is why I created the Untamed Womxn Class is a weekly 60-minute uplifting circle where you dive into: 

  • embodiment dance and sensual movement to connect and learn to listen to bodies and reclaim our power. 

  • breathwork and meditation to activate a cathartic release, self- healing and brings us peace through mindfulness.
  • a sacred space where we end each class in celebration of eachother and with affirmations that reprogram our thinking and empower us.  

Classes begin Monday February 10, 2020 at 5:oopm at the National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center (formerly Yoga Toka). Classes will continue to be held every Monday at 5pm. 

The address is 3260 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314 on the second floor. Parking is available in the building parking lot and on the side streets (please be sure to read the parking signage). 

I recommend wearing attire you are comfortable to move, dance around and lay in. Please bring your yoga mat (but if you forget yours, there are mats available for your use). Please bring a towel and water (water is available for purchase at the center). 

You may text or call me at 703.270.6473 if you have any questions.    

This class does not have a set rate and it is by donation only. Monthly class passes are available as well by donation only. 

Please pre-register for class below. Thank you! 

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