Distance Tasseography Session

This gift of divination was handed down by my paternal grandmother. It is one that I am honored to specialize in. My Tasseography sessions also known as a tea Leaf reading are profound sessions that help you tap into answers from the universe and receive confirmation from the power of your own intuition.

If you are finding that...

  • you are seeking answers from Spirit and Universe.
  • you are in a period of transition or change.
  • you are struggling to make a decision. 

Then I am confident my Tasseography sessions will empower you to:

  • to tap into the wisdom of Spirit and Universe.
  • inspire a new perspective to help you make a decision.
  • help you trust your intuition.

In everything I do and create it is to remind you that you are a deserving and beautiful soul. That you deserve to live a life untamed. To awaken your healing. To encourage your evolvement and empower your personal and Spiritual growth. 

What Does Your Session Entail?

Before our session, you will receive instructions on how to brew your tea and send me a photo of your teacup. The session will then begin and it is 30-minutes provided remotely through Zoom or phone and begins with a consultation to get to know you and receive your question.

The second part of your session begins with a Blessed prayer, your Tasseogprahy session and I end the session with a Blessed prayer.

Each Tasseography session is different for everyone and highly unique. A typical session can give you clarity into what is important in your life and give you the time for introspection away from all the noise. Your session will offer you insight and empower your self-trust.