Distance Intuitive Reading

My Intuitive Readings are profound sessions that help you tap into, trust and have faith in your inner knowing. 

If you are finding that...

  • you are in a period of transition or change.
  • you are struggling to make a decision. 
  • you are unable to trust your intuition.
  • you are yearning for a space where you can be honest.

Then I am confident my Distance Intuitive Readings will empower you to:

  • tap into your energy and the essence of who you are.
  • inspire a new perspective to help you make a decision.
  • awaken clarity and give you the wisdom you seek.
  • empower your self-trust.
  • help you engage with your higher power on a new level.

In everything I do and create it is to remind you that you are a deserving and beautiful soul. That you deserve to live a life untamed. To awaken your healing. To encourage your evolvement and empower your personal and Spiritual growth. 

What Does Your Session Entail?

Each 30-minute session is provided remotely through Zoom or phone and begins with a consultation to get to know you and receive your question or information on what you are struggling with.

The second part of your session begins with a Blessed prayer and I use oracle cards as my divination tool to power your session. I then provide you with the message of clarity and wisdom you are meant to receive to help you tap into your intuition and empower you to trust yourself. I then answer any questions and end the session with a Blessed prayer.

Each Intutive Reading is different for everyone and highly unique. A typcal session can help you work through a current hardship,  provide clarity, strengthen trust in your own intuition, help you release blocked energy and motivate you to take actionable steps to propel positive change in your life. And active your highest potential and life work.

Each session taps into extra-sensory information, your individual energy, emotions, and at times even physical symptoms. There is a lot processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies. For some an Intuitive Reading can feel like “talk therapy”. 

An Intuitive Reading will always point to your own intuitive powers and help you access you own inner-knowing. My session will leave you feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about your own gifts and abilities.