About Bonnielee Cuevas, Founder

Bonnielee has dedicated her life to the Advocacy, Empowerment and Uplifting of her fellow Womxn. As a Healer she has taken traditions handed down to her by her grandmothers and she uses the transformative powers of Alternative Medicine, Holistic Living, Spirituality and Embodiment here at Untamed Womxn

As a Creatrix she uses the wisdom and knowledge she has accumulated over a 16-year entrepreneurial career to lead Womxn to turn their visions into a tangible reality under sister company Untamed Creatrix. And as a Podcaster, she has committed herself to telling her story and other Womxn's stories inspiring a revolution of Womxn to own their narrative and take back their power. 

Some of the Spiritual and Healing modalities she works with are (not limited to): Plant Medicine, Reiki Healing,  Meditation, Sacred Movement/Dance, Spiritual Coaching. Methaphysical offerings and so much more. She holds certifications and studies in Alternative Medicine, Meditation, Reiki and Plant Medicine. She previously held certifications in fitness and wellness for 7 years as a Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Advisor, Personal Trainer, and Zumba Fitness Instructor. She is also a student of Alternative Medicine at Everglades University. 

She has had the esteemed pleasure of being featured in...

Spiritual Boss Babe (2019), StartDis Podcast (2019), Women on Purpose (2019), Mod & Alt Health Magazine (2019), MZAZ Magazine (2018), BuzzFeed (2016), Tiny House Magazine (2016), Tiny House Podcast (2016), Tiny House Summit (2016), Volup 2 Magazine, Curvy Magazine, CBS Radio Minnesota on the Jordana Green Show, Volup2 Magazine, Fashion School Daily, Pensacola News Journal, ADWEEK, Business Insider, Jacksonville Daily News and Eye on Real Estate with Dottie Herman and more. She has been a speaker at the 2015 GA United Tiny House Festival and the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado.

In her personal life she is a homeschooling, single-mom to a soon to be college bound 17-year old. She is deeply family and frienship oriented. In her free time she is an avid traveler. She is a former Tiny House dweller who has gone back to living a more conventional life in the East Coast.